General-Medicine Department

Internal medicine serves as the foundation for all medical superspecialties. The internist is the initial point of contact for any patient seeking a specialist opinion because the internist takes a holistic approach to a patient, analyses many difficulties, and then refers to the concerned super specialist whose highly specialised abilities are employed to help the patients.

The Department of Internal Medicine at Aaruni multispeciality Hospital is a thread that connects all of the hospital's departments and specialties. It is led by a skilled and knowledgeable team of doctors, which includes consultants, senior residents, medical officers, and postgraduate trainees.

'Prevention is better than cure,' this exclusive department of Preventive Health Checks is also maintained through various health checks tailored to meet the demands of various age groups. There is a focus on the early detection and therapy of lifestyle-related diseases such as metabolic syndrome, obesity, and dyslipidaemias, as well as chronic illnesses such as Diabetes Mellitus, hypertension, and cancer.

They specialise in long-term adult wellness by integrating patient-centered adult care of the highest quality, physician knowledge, and the most recent breakthroughs in medical technology.